Are you a nature enthusiast? If so, you might have plants all over the inside of your house! First and foremost, we commend you for being able to keep them alive; some of us can’t seem to keep houseplants alive, no matter how hard we try! Your next project: how to display all of your beautiful plant babies for guests to see? After all, it’s quite a feat keep them alive and happy. So you need a a worthy, well-thought-out plant-perch. Let’s dive in and take a look at some stellar ideas for indoor plant shelving.

Indoor Plant Shelf Ideas: Floating Shelves for Your Plant Babies!
Indoor Plant Shelf Ideas: Floating Shelves for Your Plant Babies! (10 minute read)

4 Floating Shelf Ideas for Your Plants

#1: Ch0nky, White Corner Floating Shelves

Aksel RADius White Floating Shelves + Ellie Bookends
Aksel RADius White Floating Shelves, Aksel Premium Black Floating Shelf, Ellie Bookends, and Doohooky White Wall Hook

One of the coolest looks for plant shelving is for them to be on those nice, thick, white floating shelves (like our Aksel Premium White Floating Shelf). The green of the plants just pops amidst the occasional terra cotta pot, and each shelf can also be decorated with some family photos or simple paperback books. Perhaps a glass jar of wine corks sits in the corner, bringing some more texture to the whole look!

#2: The Motivational Arrangement

Tromso Recessed Floating Shelves
Tromso Recessed Floating Shelves

Who says it has to be just plants up on your shelves? Combine plants and their decorative pots with some of those gorgeous quote signs that you find in the home decór sections of your favorite stores. Another idea is to get one of those letter boards so that you can put up whatever motivational quote you want!

#3: The Plant-Only Vibe

Aksel Floating Shelves
Aksel Floating Shelf System

Hey, maybe you literally want only plants up on those shelves! You go for it, dude! We especially love the natural wood look with terra cotta pots, glass jars for clippings, and white pots with beautiful designs. We can see it now—our Verne Alder Wall Shelf would be perfect for this application!

Just keep in mind how heavy plants can be, especially when they get watered. As plants grow, they will get heavier, too. Make sure you’re following your shelf’s guidelines for maximum weight and load balancing. For example, try not to place heavy plants near the outer edge of the shelf—this displaces the weight and makes it more likely that your shelf will break or tip.

#4: The “Modular” Plant Wall

Tromso FM3 Floating Shelves
Tromso FM3 Floating Shelves

Honest to goodness, modular shelving is sometimes the way to go, especially for plants that grow and change in size and shape as they age. With a modular plant wall, you can move shelves around easily whenever one plant starts to grow beyond its shelving boundaries.

Shelfology: Quality, Durable Shelving You Can Trust With Your Plants’ Lives

As we mentioned above, plants can get heavy, dudes. Make sure your shelf system can actually withstand the weight of the awesomeness that you want to bestow upon it. It would be so sad if your precious plants came crashing down onto the floor—they might not survive the ordeal! 

So, start with heavy-duty shelving that you can actually trust to hold up your beautiful plant babies. Our contractor-grade floating shelf hardware is some of the best, most reliable gear you’ll find for shelving. You've worked so hard to keep 'em alive. Now trust us to keep 'em up on the wall! Now go... reclaim your walls. You got this!

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