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Get creative with a modern minimal Verne shelf system. Designed to fit a myriad of layout needs from big to small, Verne does it all. Every shelf is cut to length and paired with seriously righteous powder coated steel hardware.

What’s Included

  • Hand selected premium grade solid alder hardwood slab for each shelf
  • Two super strong 3/8” steel brackets (Three for shelf lengths above 48")
  • Finished wall fastener screws
  • Shelf set screws

The Verne shelf system is available in 6", 8", 10" and 12" depths, with brackets designed to hold one to five shelf slabs. Shelf length options are available by the inch from 12" to 84”. If you need a custom shelf length, just call. No custom fees or additional lead times will be incurred. The only thing incurred will be custom shelf radness hanging on your wall.

The Verne bracket is incredibly durable and easily mounts to any wall. Every shelf slab is strongly secured to each bracket with included set screws. The Verne brackets can be spaced horizontally any span up to 48". If you order a shelf length that is above 48" wide, an additional third bracket will be included.

Paint is applied to steel hardware with a durable powder coat process meant to last. Please contact us for custom colors, we are happy to do them.

Every Verne shelf system is made to order, using carefully chosen domestic steel from new and recycled materials, then paired with juicy hand selected and finished solid hardwoods.

Each system comes finished and ready to hang with instructions. Wall fasteners and set screws are included for a picture perfect install, every time.

Natural Wood Finish


The included wood shelves a natural product, carefully grown for decades courtesy of mother earth. Due to normal variations in the density and graining of the wood itself, the same finish may result in a somewhat different appearance. While this accounts for much of the warmth and beauty of natural wood, Shelfology wishes to make clear that an exact color and grain match to the represented sample is neither implied or guaranteed.


Solid Wood Shelf


These shelves are constructed with hand selected solid wood lumber. It's as juicy as they come. Since our lumber stock comes in different shapes and sizes, some shelves must be glued up to achieve a desired dimension. This is a common practice for any solid wood product, and Shelfology wishes to make clear that your shelf may be glued up.

Get Custom

Every piece is hand-cut and finished in beautiful Eastern Idaho. Please call us at (949) 244-1083 if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Color samples
  • Custom length, down to the millimeter
  • Longer or deeper hardware
  • Custom colors
  • Expedited production or shipping
  • International Shipping - We ship worldwide
  • Discussing the weather in Idaho

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about anything. We are here M-F 8-5pm Mountain Time: (949) 244-1083

Ships in 5-6 weeks