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We’re super stoked that you’re here! We love designers and showrooms that build a comprehensive plan and turn great design into reality one room at a time. Queue up Shelfology brand shelving in your plans and our clean lines, beautiful designs, plentiful options, and über strong capacity make it easy for your clients to reclaim their walls and make any space more functional and resolutely cool. We’re looking for companies who gravitate naturally to awesome design, quality workmanship and top notch customer service. If so, time to level up and become part of our “Certified Rad” family of showrooms.

Please read and answer our questionnaire so we can get to know the heart and soul of your company. We’re looking for partners who catch our vision and have the chutzpah to make Shelfology designs shine for their customers. Everything below helps us understand how to deliver you the best products and services to grow your business and help you and your customers both win. Why settle for anything less than a stellar working relationship? Life is too short and we’re here to build great relationships with killer businesses who strive for excellence. Let’s do this!