There’s nothing quite like relaxing in front of a fireplace with friends and family. And adding a well-decorated mantel to your fireplace makes for a next-level centerpiece around which everyone will want to gather. In this post, we’re going to dig into what a floating mantel is and why you might want one in your home!

TLDR: A mantel protects the space just above your fireplace from fire damage. A floating mantel is a shelf that occupies this space and is free from all visible shelf hardware, and is an awesome addition to any

What is a Floating Mantel? And Why Do You Need One?
What is a Floating Mantel? And Why Do You Need One? (15 minute read)

So, What Is a Floating Mantel?

Where Should I Install My Floating Mantel?
THIS is a floating fireplace mantel!

A mantel (not to be confused with a mantle, which is a cloak or a robe, silly!) is essentially the area directly above your fireplace. This space is mostly functional, mitigating the fire risk in the wall and floor around your stove, insert, or fireplace. However, as time has progressed, construction materials have gotten more effective, allowing this space to become more and more decorative. A floating mantel is is a shelf installed in this space that appears to “float” without supports holding it up. And, boy, do they look cool!

How Are Fireplace Mantels Attached to the Wall?

Most (decent) fireplace mantels are attached to the wall in the same way as our Aksel Wood Floating Shelves: with a heavy-duty all-steel bracket that drills into masonry or studs. If you find a floating mantel package that doesn’t use something this sturdy, we advise you politely decline. This isn’t an area of the house to be messing around with flimsy, weak attachments – we don’t want fire hazards here.

So, when you are looking for a good fireplace mantel for your space, make sure you take a look at what they’re giving you to attach it to the wall with; don’t settle for something that could be unsafe.

What Is a Floating Mantel Used For?

Ultra-Modern Living Room featuring Glenn Floating Bracket
Ultra-Modern Living Room featuring Glenn Floating Bracket

Most people use their floating mantels to place decorations, usually photos, upon. This is a space that is seen a lot by family and friends. Mantels really don’t have any “functional” use for the fireplace, other than holding things… but they do it so well!

Do You Need a Fireplace Mantel?

Glenn Floating Bracket + Ellie Magnetic Bookends
Glenn Floating Bracket + Ellie Magnetic Bookends

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have stakes in this game, but, in all honesty, fireplace mantels are just amazing. They’re the quintessential focal point of a room – a place to put your most prized possessions! There’s just something cozy about a fireplace that has decor around it, especially if that decor means something to you.

So, do you need a floating fireplace mantel? Probably not – you could live without one. But you and your space probably want one badly! And a fireplace with a gorgeous hardwood mantel above it is a seriously cool room upgrade.

How to Pick The Best Floating Fireplace Mantel for Your Space

Glenn Heavy-Duty Floating Fireplace Bracket
Glenn Heavy-Duty Floating Fireplace Mantel Bracket by Shelfology

The best option for your space is going to depend on many factors, including how much you want to spend. Like most things in life, you’ll get what you pay for with a fireplace mantel. If you want a mantel that a) lasts, b) doesn’t warp, and c) will last as long as your fireplace, we recommend a solid wood mantel like our Glenn Floating Fireplace Mantel.

Seriously, go take a look; we’re sure you’ll drool over them as much as we do every time we ship one out.


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