Are you thinking about updating the vibe in your home? Let’s take a look at some home decor and interior design trends that are up and coming for 2023 in the spring and summer. We’re pretty excited about these because they all pair nicely with our timeless collections of floating shelves.

Hot Spring & Summer Design Trends for 2023 (and Beyond!)
Hot Spring & Summer Design Trends for 2023 (and Beyond!) (15 minute read)

2023 Spring Trends:

#1: Geometric Patterns

#1: Geometric Patterns (featuring Verne wall shelf and Peggy Round 1 Wall Hook)
Geometric Patterns (featuring Verne Wall Shelf and Peggy Round 1 Wall Hook)

There’s something comforting and visually appealing about geometric patterns – triangles, lines, zigzags, hexagons, and more. You’ll find a lot of black-and-white geometric patterns this spring as we emerge from winter, but colorful patterns will be coming back, too. Use geometric patterns on bedding, pillows, wall hangings, and even wallpaper for a huge indoor zen boost!

Bonus: Tribal Patterns and Colors

“Tribal” is a subset of geometric patterns that will usually look more natural in a space. You’ll find more browns and more fabric-y texture in tribal-patterned pieces. “Tribal” also plays into this unique and eclectic vibe you’ll see throughout the year this year. Choose terracotta, woven baskets, and patterns and textures from all across the globe!

#2: Being “Unexpected”

Of everything 2023 is bringing to the design scene, we probably love this trend the most: using the unexpected in your design schemes. This really opens the door to some cool, interesting pieces – if you want to go cultural and choose furniture that tells a story, go for it! Be you, and decorate in a way that makes you happy and tells your story.

#3: The Bold, Beautiful Indigo

The Bold, Beautiful Indigo (featuring Tromso Recessed All-Steel Floating Shelf)
The Bold, Beautiful Indigo (featuring Tromso Recessed All-Steel Floating Shelf)

Dark blue has certainly made an impact in our minds in the past few years. However, this spring, we’re seeing a new iteration of dark blue: inky indigo! This is a gorgeous color to pair with golds, grey, and white – it even goes well with juicy wood grains. Using indigo in your minimalist space will certainly turn the style meter up to ten this spring.

2023 Summer Trends:

#1: Metallics Galore

Metallics Galore (featuring Aksel Inlay Floating Shelf, Maggie RADius Bookend, and Popsicle Wall Hook)
Metallics Galore (featuring Aksel Inlay Floating Shelf, Book Wedgie, Maggie Radius Bookend, & Popsicle Wall Hook)

Trinkets, frames, platters, and more – the shinier the better! We’re seeing an uptick in the use of metallics for interior decorating, and you can easily jump on this trend at home. Simply pick up some metallic trinkets to rotate your current floating shelf decór with! Combined with bold, beautiful colors on the walls and throw pillows, your metallic surfaces will really pop!

Bonus: Warm Metallics and Blues

As the summer approaches, you’ll probably also see that indigo warm up and become a richer blue. This pairs well with warmer metallics like copper, rose gold, and brass. Pick candleholders, lampshades, pots for plants, and much more to fill this warm metal vibe. You’ll be surprised how well that rich blue plays with the metallic surface to create an almost “regal” sensation in your space!

#2: Boho Chic Is Still Holding On!

Boho Chic (featuring Verne Wall Shelf)
Metallics Galore (featuring featuring Verne Wall Shelf)

Boho has been around for a while, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. This will probably please you if you’ve already gone Boho Chic – but if you haven’t, now’s the time! Boho Chic is characterized by natural greens, browns, linens, wood grains, and usually string lights. You might find some black and white geometric patterns in this style, too.

#3: Classy, Shabby Chic Vibes

Classy, Shabby Chic Vibes (featuring Aksel RADius Floating Shelf, Yuri Floating Desk, Ellie Bookends, and Book Wedgie)
Classy, Shabby Chic Vibes (featuring Aksel RADius Floating Shelf, Yuri Floating Desk, Ellie Bookends, and Book Wedgie)

This is a fun trend to jump into because it doesn’t really require anything crazy. For a shabby, classy vibe, you just need one bold color to take up about a third of the room, while another half of the room is neutral colors and textures. Afterwards, picking one or two throw pillows or small wall hangings that are “mismatched” in vibrant colors will finish off the job. The shabby, yet classy, look can be a hodgepodge of even old, distressed items – as long as the overall color scheme is maintained. Have fun with this!

Shelfology: Shelving That Adapts to Any Trend

Regardless of which trend river you choose to meander down, you’re going to need shelving to display your items – that will certainly never change. If you’re looking for sturdy, reliable, stylish shelving, our Shelving + Wall Mounted Storage kits are perfect for you.

So, what are you waiting for, dudes? Get out there, put up some shelves, and get your crib ready for 2023’s newest trends!

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