White Oak Floating Shelf Kit // Clear Satin Finish

Made-to-length White Oak Floating Shelf + Hidden Steel bracket // Price Starts At:

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White Oak with a plywood base and a clear finish

If you've been looking for stunning designer shelves, our premium, cut-no-corners shelves are a perfect fit. Each shelf has a smooth sanded finish, built to your specified length and ready to hang. Step-by-step instructions and online tutorials make it easy to install on masonry, sheetrock, plaster, or paneled walls.

We carefully choose white oak hardwood, then professionally creat each solid wood shelf to the absolute highest standard, individually built to fit our heavy-duty floating shelf brackets, and finished with a kitchen ready clear coat. 

Choose any length from 12 to 120 inches. All shelf options are 2" thick, available in 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 11" and 12" depths, and include our patented floating shelf bracket with set-through construction, 360° welds, and 90° junctions to fit precisely into mortises or dados. When mounted correctly, your floating shelves will support maximum distributed loads from 90 to 180 lbs, depending upon the specified length. This is not a cheap imitation. 


Each floating shelf kit comes finished and ready to hang with instructions. Due to a variety of wall conditions, fasteners are NOT included. We recommend GRK brand wood screws into studs and Toggler brand wall anchors between studs for supplementary support.  

  • Premium Engineered Floating Shelf and Patented Steel Bracket
  • Materials: love, sweat and tears, White Oak, Steel, American-ness
  • Only ships within United States.


1. Attach Bracket To The Wall

Remove drywall (if using the recommended option), and position the shelf bracket on the wall with the pre-drilled holes along the top edge. Mark the left-most hole on the stud, remove the bracket and drill a pilot hole. Reposition the bracket, drive a screw into the freshly drilled hole (nicely done, by the way), then use a level to position the right side of the bracket. Once it’s in position, mark the remaining holes on each stud, and drill a pilot hole for each. Raise the right side of your bracket into position, and drive the remaining screws into place.

2. Mount your Shelf
Almost there... Slide your shelf over each bracket. Use either silicon glue, or the set screws to anchor the shelf in place.

3. Secure in Place


Need Custom Floating Shelves?

We build special order floating shelves and floating shelf hardware. Send us your unique requests.
Shelf hardware is made in the USA from 100% American Steel, love, sweat, tears, and industrial awesomeness.


Made-to-length White Oak Floating Shelf + Hidden Steel bracket // Price Starts At:

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