“We love how easy it is to customize shelves with Shelfology. We can get really specific with the sizing and choose from a range of colors, with additional design elements...” - Laura Hodges, House Beautiful Magazine

House Beautiful Magazine Designer Laura Hodges and her team traveled from historic Catonsville, Maryland to the hill country of Fredricksburg, Texas to bring her brand of holistic and natural elements to this year’s Whole Home.

The Flex Space: A Look at Laura Hodges’ Two-in-One Home Office and Gym

The Flex Space: Laura Hodges Designs a Two-in-One Home Office and Gym

Modeled on a craftsman-style farmhouse, the Whole Home is an entertainer’s dream. Laidback styles interact with high design elements to create a home that’s both inviting and invigorating. Laura was assigned a space that could feature as an office or flex space. She decided to create a home office that would also double as a “no pressure workout space. Having the two-in-one room is not only dual-purpose, but it also makes sure that you’re using the space,” she explains. “It’s not just a home office that you sometimes use and otherwise goes unused.” 

Incorporating biophilic design was key for her overall plan. Warm tones and light woods, combined with plants and neutral tones evoke a natural, zen setting perfect for connecting with nature. Biophilic design aims to help us reconnect with the natural elements around us, intentionally changing the energy and environment in the space to one more centered and relaxed. If there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s that our office spaces should be designed thoughtfully, with a holistic approach in mind. We think you’ll agree: Laura knocked this out of the park! 

Shelfology was proud to supply shelves as part of this project. Our all-metal Fat Lippie Picture Ledge, featured here in our Dune color, provides additional office storage space. Suitable for holding plants, books, or pictures, their unobtrusive strength can even hold up some weights for the workout area if needed!

Fat Lippie Picture Ledge: Display Your Stuff. In Style | Shelfology®

Q & A with Laura Hodges

As one of our Shelf Army design members, we were stoked to support Laura in making her vision come to life! We asked her about her approach to design and her creative process:

Shelfology: Where do you find inspiration?

Laura: I find design inspiration mostly through traveling but also through Instagram. (@laurahodgesstudio @shelfology)

Shelfology: What's your creative process?

Laura: We start our creative process by diving into our client’s interests, whether it’s their art collection, favorite travel destinations or specific furnishings they love. Once we understand what they love, we'll look for design inspiration, develop an overall aesthetic for the home and work through the logistics of space planning, lighting layouts, cabinetry design, and specifying materials, finishes, and furnishings.

Shelfology: Tell us about this House Beautiful project; what was your vision for the space?

Laura: My vision for the space was a room that would double as a home office and a home gym. The client I envisioned was an urban community designer who was planning an affordable, sustainable and wellness-focused residential complex. We wanted this space to be biophilic, incorporating natural materials, focusing on the views, and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Shelfology: Any color trends or looks that you love right now?

Laura: I love a neutral palette with highlights of bright colors.

Shelfology: Design element you can't live without?

Laura: I really prefer to use natural materials whenever possible.

Shelfology: Why Shelfology? How did the shelves you chose help round out your project?

Laura: We love how easy it is to customize shelves with Shelfology. We can get really specific with the sizing and choose from a range of colors, with additional design elements like wood details and ledges for picture frames.

Shelfology: What's next for you and your team?

Laura: We are currently working on a range of residential and commercial design projects and are always working on new and exciting custom pieces!

Cheers to Laura and her team for a successful + beautiful design!


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