Nine Totally Capacious Planning Tips For Your Floating Shelf Project!

Whether you are installing one of our Floating Shelf systems or building your own, Floating Shelves are an on-trend upgrade to any space. But before you start punching holes in your wall, here are 9 install + decor tips to get you started. Your friendly neighborhood Shelfologists to the rescue!

1. What’s Inside (Your Walls!) Matters

What’s behind your wall finish? Wooden wall studs, brick, concrete, lathe and plaster, steel studs or something more unique? Plan ahead to make sure you have the right hardware for your project

2. More Shelf Thickness = More Shelf Depth. Science! 

Thicker shelves allow for taller brackets which equals deeper shelves. These restrictions are based on principles of physics.

3. Before You Start, Ask Yourself: “How much weight do I need to float?”

Apply the old adage, “form follows function: Your bowling ball collection will need stronger shelves than your Furby collection. Floating shelves can comfortably support anywhere between 25 lbs to 350 lbs if you select the right hardware and dimensions. See our "how much weight can a floating shelf hold" blog post and choose the right combo for your project

4. More Shelf Length = More Shelf Strength

A longer shelf means a longer bracket with additional floating shelf support rods. You also get the benefit of having more anchor points into studs. Hence, longer shelves equal more shelf strength/capacity.

5. Know Your Wood

Some woods are denser than others. Denser wood is heavier. For example, a 1.75” thick, 14” deep, 84” long white oak shelf is going to weigh over 60lbs.

6. “Measure Twice, Cut Once”

Design with a Purpose: These aren’t your normal cheap-o MDF shelves that you can easily tear down and put up somewhere else. These will be your “forever-shelves'' so make sure you plan your project carefully. We have shelf-geeks at your disposal, just give them a jingle, 949-244-1083

7. Even Lay-Persons Can Install Like a Pro

Using the right tools will do wonders for ensuring a quality shelf installation. Always follow the instructions and have a helper for the bigger shelves. See our videos to learn more. (link to YouTube videos?)

8. Make Our Shelves All Your Own: Add Some Flare

Shelves aren’t just for storage. Floating shelves make an awesome perch for collectibles, photos, and more. Show off your wares like you just don’t care! 

9. Treat Your Shelves Well and They Will Last a Lifetime

Dust them, clean them, and protect their finishes with a little shine. Treat them like part of the family and they will get better and better with age. 

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