Have you been working from home in some capacity since the beginning of 2020? If so, you’re certainly not the only one! In fact, many of us are still working remotely. Hopefully, you aren’t still slumming it at your dining room table, though. In a previous post, we talked about some super cool ideas for styling your WFH space. Now, we’re going to dig into some organizational tips and tricks that you can use in the home office that you use for remote work—regardless of whether you are there one day or all week long!

Five Shelving Ideas for a Smarter & More Organized WFH Office

5 Cool Office Shelving Ideas for Smarter WFH Organization
5 Cool Office Shelving Ideas for Smarter WFH Organization (15 minute read)

#1: Don’t Have a Dedicated Office? Embrace Being a Digital Nomad!

Embrace Being a Digital Nomad
WFH Tip #1: Embrace Being a Digital Nomad (featuring Fat Lippie Floating Picture Ledge and Peggy 5 Wall Storage Hook)

There’s no reason you have to work in a dedicated office space. In fact, part of the beauty of working from home, especially for individuals who don’t need to be on phones all day, is that you can be and go anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can work!

Take this opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones, as long as you can stay on task. Think about pieces that can pull double-duty. We’ve seen some really cool ideas on the Pinterest, like the convertible coffee table that turns into a desk. Other ideas include converting a decent-sized closet into a work-from-home nook with floating shelves and a floating desk. You’re really only limited by your imagination (and maybe space)!

Another cool idea might be to hollow out and convert the closet underneath a staircase in your home. This would make for a really nifty office nook, especially if it’s outfitted with bright, sexy colors and some radical open shelving.

#2: Use Cool Storage Containers to Hide & Organize

Use Cool Storage Containers to Hide & Organize
WFH Tip #2: Use Cool Storage Containers to Hide & Organize (featuring Aksel Floating Shelf, RADius Floating Shelf, REM Cabinet Pull, & Mosey Magnet Board)

There are so many different organizational systems out there for office supplies, it’s really hard (and, honestly impossible) to cover all of them. My wife is a big can of decorative boxes and bins. And I am partial to any and all things “cable management”. These are all great examples of items that can help you store things within easy access while hiding their “not-so-attractive-ness” from others. 

#3: Use a Peg Board or Bulletin for Style & Functionality

Use a Peg Board or Bulletin for Style & Functionality
WFH Tip #3: Use a Peg Board or Bulletin for Style & Functionality (featuring Mosey Magnet Board and Peggy Wall Storage Hook)

Peg Boards aren’t just for workshops anymore, folks. You can hang items from the holes or even use them to hang small shelves. This type of setup would be especially useful if you do work with drawings, architecture, or fashion!

Another concept along the same lines is the bulletin board wall. Again this would be a really useful way to organize your tasks – plus it just looks really cool when you have your projects up on display. You work über hard on this stuff and you deserve to be proud of your accomplishments, dude! And honestly, nothing helps you FEEL more organized than getting ideas out of your head and onto the wall. 

#4: Build Custom Shelving

Build Custom Shelving
WFH Tip #4: Build Custom Shelving (featuring Verne 5 Wall Shelf)

This involves some upfront work, but it can go a long way to solving the issue of clutter. If you find that your office space (or home in general) is always cluttered, consider making better use of your vertical spaces. In your office space, select one or two walls to convert entirely into shelving. Wall-to-wall shelving will isn’t the cheapest or easiest option… but the storage gains will be huuuuge.

Plus, depending on how you choose to do it, you can have the items stored on the shelves completely invisible! This can be accomplished with cabinets or storage cubes. Do a little bit of planning before you start this project so you can end up with exactly what you want.

#5: Ottomans Are Secretly Magic

Ottomans Are Secretly Magic
WFH Tip #5: Ottomans Are Secretly Magic (featuring REM Cabinet Pull)

If you know the storage struggle, then you know that ottomans with concealed storage are a godsend. Seriously… if you haven’t already, go check out some of the crazy projects on Pinterest… I’ll wait… back? See?! I told you! Ottomans, amirite?!?! 

Get creative—the sky is the limit here. And, you can basically find (or reupholster) any ottoman to match your office decór.

Above All, Make Better Use of the Space You Do Have

Many of us take for granted how much space we actually have in our homes. You probably have more than enough space already… it's just not optimized for the task at hand. If you spend some time brainstorming, you could probably come up with storage solutions that both work well for you and keep clutter to a minimum.

Luckily, there are shelving options that can turn blank wall space into an easy storage solution. If you’re looking for heavy-duty shelves that can take anything you throw at them, check out our selection of shelf kits and DIY brackets for all of your DIY projects.

You’ve got this dudes! Now, get out there and upgrade your storage solutions!

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