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Avante garde, euro, legit...all good descripters for a Shelfology premium hardwood finish! Whatever your want to call them, our in-house finishes are specially blended to perform just as well as they look. Wearing a lab coat and weilding giant beakers, our shelf geeks worked hard to get these colors out of the lab on onto a shelf system near you. Available with any wood product we offer, get your sample today and see for yourself just how good the final product will look and feel. Infused with real Americanity, blood, sweat, tears, righteousness. Word!

Get the Deets

  • It is finished with our White blend.
  • Topped with a satin clear coat.
  • Kitchen and bath ready
  • Made with premium hardwood.
  • Natural product with awe inspiring variations
  • Made with sweat, tears and industrial awesomeness
  • Swatch dimensions are 3" x 3"
  • Stocked item that ships super fast

Get A Premium Finish

This swatch is made from smooth MDF. Finished with our white conversion varnish paint finish, topped with a satin clear coat. It's a kitchen ready finish that is ready to pair with any of our wicked shelf systems and hardware options. Party on!


Natural Wood Finish

This wood swatch is a natural product, carefully grown for decades courtesy of mother earth. Due to normal variations in the density and graining of the wood itself, the same stain may result in a somewhat different appearance. While this accounts for much of the warmth and beauty of natural wood, Shelfology wishes to make clear that an exact color and grain match to the represented sample is neither implied or guaranteed.

Solid Wood

Our shelves are constructed with hand selected solid wood lumber. They're as juicy as they come. Since our lumber stock comes in different shapes and sizes, some shelves must be glued up to achieve a desired dimension. This is a common practice for any solid wood product, and Shelfology wishes to make clear that your shelf may be glued up.


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