#8 Truss Head Wood Screw

Weight: 0.01 LBS
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A Very Rad Screw.

Shoddy screw issues be gone. Pro grade wood screw allows you to install Shelfology hardware with ease and confidence. Typical applications include multi-purpose general framing, remodeling, decking topboards, and super rad shelf hardware applications. The star drive eliminates stripping for improved productivity. Knurled shank reams hole in board being fastened to reduce drag.

  • One #8 x 2-1/2" Screw included
  • Notched thread cut through material, reducing torque for maximum holding power
  • Star Drive eliminates stripping for improved productivity
  • Zip-Tip eliminates pre-drilling and one step installation
  • Round Washer Head versatile for both interior and exterior applications and increased pull through strength
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