I love this question. Let me learn you a few things. So an “ology” is a study or a discipline of some subject. Biology. Pieology. Proctology.

The assumption being, that whom or whatever is doing the ology-ing is knee deep and highly experienced in their chosen field and can talk your ears numb about it if you need them to. It implies geekery beyond aficionado-ship, or hobbyism ( are those words?) down to the nitty gritty NCC1701’s of the beast. Ology means lots of time spent, true expertise, and most definitely some compulsivity. It also means if you put it at the end of a word like, "Shelf," there is officially some serious scholarship going on.

So, Shelfology. We invented it--you’re welcome--and we study it. Look for it on college campuses everywhere.

So who are we really? We are a bunch of design geeks that are obsessed with building shelving and organization products and giving fabulous customer experiences. We have a website which you have found. We have a 17,000 sqft clubhouse where we play all day. We have a dedicated team of shelfologists and we have---GET THIS!-- real telephones to talk to you on. I know. Phones (9492441083).

Yes, shelves and storage are our muses and radification of rooms is our lofty purpose. Our five year world domination plan is to sell, design, build, design, and design every killer shelf style, sweet shelf system, handy bit of hardware, hook, hanger, or storage item known to men or women with taste. We love our deep little pond and we intend to keep filling it with THE world of shelving and storage awesomeness—with style and lots of love, of course.

You can't really contain this kind of nerdery. You are welcome again. Lots more coming.


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