"What's so special about Shelfology floating shelf brackets?"

We get this question or some variation of it just about every day. What we have found is that people are really asking us what makes our brackets different or better and why should it matter to them? They want us to pitch them a little. That’s cool. Here’s some pitch. Don’t be fooled by the smoothness. It’s all true:

Here at Shelfology, we eat, drink, and breathe floating shelves and floating shelf brackets, floating mantels and floating mantel brackets, floating desks and floating desk brackets, and really any floating anything bracket and what is attached to it. We are shelf geeks, it’s just what we do. Besides being totally nerdy in a very small pond, we do have our yit together. My personal background is a decade + of interior design and finish construction (surprise, surprise). What we produce at Shelfology was created with all of that on-site experience, plus 8 years of engineering, practice, and customer feedback since we launched. I am confident when I say that what follows is the gold standard in Shelfology and Bracketry (yes, those are words now--just now).

Here are the four major reasons to use genuine Shelfology brackets in your next floating project:

1. We have engineered every bracket to support real life weight in real life situations.

Meaning, ignore the chump change performance you can buy in the big boxes. 10-15 lbs per shelf of capacity is cute and nice if you are putting a few pictures on your shelf, especially if the shelf is only 4” deep (wow, amazing). What about floating a kitchen full of dishes, or your hand forged L.A.R.P. broadsword? You need real capacity for these kinds of real life situations. We have designed EVERY bracket we sell to handle these kinds of loads. And by “loads” I mean real weight--from 50lbs to, in excess of, 350lbs, and from shelf depths of 6” to 18”--like, legit loads for legit situations (and yes, Gi Joe collections count as legit).

Furthermore, if your brackets don’t have 360 degree welds, set through construction, the proper rod diameter and gauge for the highest weight capacities, and ¼” or ⅜” thick back bars to reduce or eliminate torsional flex, you are getting inferior copycats. We pioneered this construction methodology because it is the strongest, easiest-to-use combination to float shelves, mantels, or desks. Heck, we pioneered all of this floating shelf bracket stuff.

2. We were the first and have gone the deepest in Bracketry and Shelfology.

Contrary to what my five-year-old says, first is NOT the worst. Its the best. We were the first to offer a truly high strength floating bracket system. We’ve been here the longest, we’ve sold the most, we’ve gone the deepest, we are the dorkiest, and we are the most trusted resource for floating anything. In fact our brackets are floating over 95,000 shelves across the globe as of today; including shelves at Apple, Goop, Gucci, Single Thread Farms, and countless other projects where real quality and real performance matters. Eat that, little man. Second is totally the worst.

3. Our brackets are 100% sourced and produced right here in the U.S. of Awesome.

We source ALL of our raw material domestically. Period. We want our cash to stay in the USA and feed USA families. We have nothing against the rest of the world, (hey, who doesn’t love San Francisco?) but we chose to take care of things at home as a top priority. Furthermore, we design and produce everything in house, in Rexburg, Idaho, by our own supremely talented cadre of designers, engineers, and fabricators. When you call us, you are talking to the guys who thought of it, who make it, and who care that you get exactly what you need. In our opinion, this is a nice way of doing things that we think you will also appreciate.

4. Our brackets--heck! our entire business--has been designed to make your life EASIER.

We have built an entire ecosystem around floating brackets of all shapes, sizes, weight capacities, and installation options to fit every floating situation you can come up with. Plus we do custom. We can quite literally float anything. If it isn’t designed already and sitting on our shelves, we will make it for you--fast. So, yes, if you call us, we will make your life easier because we can guarantee you a solution for your floating shelf project. Conveniently, however, each of our brackets also has features that make using them easier. Set-through construction allows for a fast, flush fit into dadoes or mortises, all of our brackets are guaranteed to be 90 degrees plumb and square every time--super easy to mount, and each screw hole is countersunk to perfectly fit the strongest and best screw we have ever found--the GRK R4. We also have piles of video how-to’s, hilarious installation guides included with every purchase, taco-loads of specs and downloads for each product, and if all of that isn’t enough, a real life shelf geek will pick up the phone, all day M-F when you call us. They may even provide some free therapy.

Ok, that’s it for the floating brackets sales pitch. You get the point--we have gone deep and we have you covered. Don’t waste your time to save a few bucks. Call the experts and we will be happy to help your project get dialed. We dig that. If you need further motivation, read our reviews or look on the back of one of our install guides. You will be happy that you did.

Peace XO,


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