Introducing... More Colors Than A Unicorn Fart! 🦄 🌈

So, we’ve been consulting with our little pony friends...

They say color is in, and I TOTALLY agree (black and white are so binary anyway--boo). Color is cool, color is energy. Color is fun, bro. We like fun. So here is our answer to a two color modern world--the Shelfology 2020 colorway! (woot.)

Now you literally have a rainbow of flavors to choose from. Every bracket, shelf, hook, or hanger we make can be colored to your happy heart’s desire. Go crazy. Be brave. Be excellent to each other’s walls.

Order color samples now! Reach out to us by phone, email, or unicorn express, 8-5pm M-F MDT. We are stoked to support your fabulous designs.


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