Heck Yes, We Can Float It!

Our floating shelf, mantel, desk*, and countertop brackets are designed for no-nonsense experts like you.

Case in point: every bracket we sell is engineered to perform at the highest strengths and at the deepest depths by this guy. Who, despite his mullet, is an actual engineer who knows his stuff. You can most definitely trust this mullet.

With over 300 bracket sizes/styles in stock every day and our ultra-responsive custom fabrication team on the ready, we have every floating situation covered + the ones you haven’t thought of yet.

Reach out by phone, email, messenger, or high five to get some awesomeness moving. 8-5 pm M-F MDT. Happy to help you any way we can, but always with great discounts, tons of design/technical support, and sweet swag. Enlist in the shelf army for instant discounts on all orders.

Kevin Anderson,
Head Shelf Nerd at Shelfology

PS: Brackets are just the beginning, though. See the strongest, baddest, most flexible shelf systems in the galaxy: www.shelfology.com

*Of course we can float desks.

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