It's systematic, It’s hydromatic… 

Break out your leather jackets… Starting in September, all Shelfology shelves are going to fly through production and out the doors like greased lightning!

Ten years ago when Shelfology was founded, Shelfology CEO and Designer Kevin Anderson set out to solve his most painful project planning problems. His biggest beef was that asking, for anything out of the box was downright tricky: you could get something custom or fast, but never both. You could get high quality, but customization options were limited. And don’t even get started on the crazy out-of-reach pricing for high-end custom stuff! Our Chief Shelf Nerd set out to bring the best of both worlds to his furniture business—high quality and custom design—and changed everything. For 10 years, Shelfology has continued to offer that same value proposition: the coolest custom-designed home furnishings on the market made-to-order at competitive prices.

Introducing Lightning Fast Lead Times
Lightning Fast Lead Times. Because We Love You.


The RAD Principles that Shelfology was founded on:

  1. Uber quality—Everything to the Nth quality, all the time.
  2. Fast lead times—Quick turnaround from order to delivery.
  3. Cutting edge design—Always launching new products ahead of trends.
  4. Everything is customizable (by the inch)—Get the size you need every time.
  5. Available and engaged people—No robots on the line, humans that respond.
  6. Yes men!—Ask us for a custom item, and we’ll say yes anytime we can. 
I gotta take a stand. I gotta take a stand against him. I am not gonna sit on my a** as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life. I’m gonna take a stand. I’m gonna defend it. Right or wrong, I’m gonna defend it.
—Cameron Frye, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”


Ultra Fast, Much Wow.

Bringing you the best value for your project is our goal. Shelfology respects the time and energy you put into planning and we know that when you push go, you expect your shelves pronto. We get excited about new stuff too—we’re with you! Shelfology shop volumes were pushed to their limits during the pandemic, and our lead times were affected.

But today is a new day. And we think you deserve better! Starting September 1, you can expect the same über-high-quality products as always, but they will be ready in mere days instead of weeks. With our new ultra-fast lead times, we are committed to putting you in control of when you get to complete your project. If you’re waiting 13 weeks for your couch or other pieces… we’re sorry. We know that long lead-times suck. But at least your shelves will be ready to rock!

welding shop
Lightning Fast Lead Times: Our Commitment to You!


How did we swing lowering our lead times? Over the past several weeks, all shelf geeks rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to refocus our efforts on this core principle. Everyone—managers, customer service, marketing, and even our owner and CEO—jumped into one of the shops to help build, finish, quality check, or fulfill. Pure, glorious teamwork. This is not a drill! We are all committed to this core Rad Principle. 

How will we maintain these lead times? We are real humans and understand that things happen that are out of our control. It comes down to mindset: each individual Shelfologist is committed to meeting this promise to our customers. Hence this solemn pinky promise we are making to you, our loyal customers. In true Shelfology fashion, we’re burning our metaphorical ships—we are never going back to “industry-standard-slow lead times.” We only go forward from here!

Striker: ‘Surely, you can’t be serious’
Rumack: ‘I am serious… And don’t call me Shirley’ 
— ‘Airplane!’ (1980)


Quick Guide to New Warp Speed Lead Times

Category 1: Made to Measure 

Tromso M2M Floating Shelf

Aksel, Tromso, and any shelves that we cut by the inch for you in-house, like their cousins Verne and Lloyd, are now made in 5–7 days. Add ship time to that, and you can expect delivery within two weeks depending on your distance from the great state of Idaho. 

Category 2: Made to Finish

M2F Wall Decor

Ordering wall hooks, Fat Lippies, or other products with predetermined sizes? Lucky you! Like the Starship Enterprise, these will warp out of our shop in 1–3 business days! 

So, let’s sum up. We’re back to our original Rad Principle: Fast lead times. Like, lightning fast. All-hands-on deck, no-looking-back fast. Enjoy your shelves, and come back for more. We guarantee you’ll be enjoying them in no time at all! 

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