modern floating shelving in living room
Fresh + Modern Living Room featuring Tromso FM5 Steel Floating Shelf with Hardwood Accent

There is nothing quite like a well-decorated, minimalistic space. And Floating Shelves are on the front line of the minimal home decor movement. With no bulky hardware or floor space required, gravity-defying floating shelves create space from thin air. Find the perfect shelves to complement your sense of style and current decor and you’re ready to rock and roll. Righteous!

Not sure where or how to start? Your friendly neighborhood shelf nerds to the rescue! Here are fresh floating shelves ideas for every room in the house.

Fresh Floating Shelf Ideas for 2022
Fresh Floating Shelf Ideas for 2022

Floating Shelves for the Kitchen

A hallmark location for floating shelves will always be the kitchen. Open shelving is an awesome way to display your attractive dinnerware, colorful cookware, and other kitchen decor. Match the shelves with your cabinetry, or get rid of bulky old cabinets altogether and go all-in on open shelving. Your kitchen is sure to turn heads as your sense of style (and organization!) is put front-and-center.

modern floating shelves in kitchen
Modern kitchen featuring Tromso Recessed Floating Shelf

1. Floating Shelf Coffee + Liquor Bar

If you’re like me, your day doesn’t start until you’ve had your first cup (err… 5 cups) of coffee. Have an awesome espresso maker to show off? Or fancy yourself a coffee connoisseur or aspiring barista? Don’t clutter your counter with mugs and glasses - set them neatly on display above your centerpiece. Pick a shelf that matches your counter, select a fun coffee quote art piece, and organize your coffee supplies. Or, consider setting up a to-do station near your favorite watering spot. Pick up a black chalkboard and some paint chalk for the perfect combination - coffee and planning out the day!

Prefer things a little harder at the end of the day? Use floating shelves to organize your collection of drink components above your mixologist supplies. Style Tip: Stainless steel contrasts well with labeled glass jars, and don’t forget a pop of color in the form of abstract art or faux flowers.

Floating shelf coffee bar in a modern living room
Coffee Corner featuring Bart Floating Shelf

2. The Rustic Pantry

Nothing gives a home that "farmhouse" vibe like mason jars full of homemade goods, rice, beans, and more. While you may not have a knack for canning or preservation, you can still get that knick-nack vibe just as easily with a few items on display.

Choose a spot for your small pantry space, and collect some large mason jars (or high-quality plastic storage containers with hinged lids). Fill them with grains, nuts, beans, and pasta that you will use frequently. Or create a "snack wall": take snacks out of their boxes and place them in pretty baskets. The possibilities are endless! 

Farmhouse pantry featuring Aksel floating shelves
Rustic Pantry featuring Aksel Espresso Floating Shelf

Floating Shelves for the Living Room

Whether it’s the Family room, sitting room, TV room, or “the front room” as my grandma called it, the living room is where most of us like to spend time with friends & fam. Floating shelves are the perfect way to turn the functionality + cool factor up to TEN!

3. Minimal Man Cave

Ah. The man cave. It's your happy place. It's where you go to disappear from the world (or from your family) for a couple of hours. Or maybe it’s the place where your wife has relegated your cool stuff that doesn’t “go” with her decor. You know what I'm talking about: that old fluorescent beer sign. The foosball table. Your autographed Kobe Bryant jersey. What better way to decorate this shrine to everything awesome than with minimal floating shelves?! There’s no right or wrong way to display your stuff - arrange them how you please. After all: it is your man cave!

minimal man cave featuring Aksel floating shelves
Modern Man Cave featuring Aksel Alder Floating Shelf

4. Floating Shelf Photo-Op

If you've got lots of great pics of your family and friends, a photo wall is a great use of space in the living room. A collection of faces and places to remind you why life is good - this is what makes the days worthwhile, right? Go big or go home; pick different sized frames, some sideways, some standing up. Follow the flow of your personality. Looking to add some extra panache? Consider changing all the photos to black and white except one that is your favorite, right in the middle. I know... sounds cool, right?

Remember, photographs can be printed on many different surfaces and mediums. Try out an all-canvas look, or shoot for old-fashioned oval frames! The great thing about interior design is that it should speak to you and your sense of style.

5. Floating Shelf Succulent Garden

Looking to bring some life into your living space? Look no further than a chic, smooth, cactus display. Visit your local nursery or home improvement store - sometimes they have small varietal cacti for sale. Select a shelf that either matches your wall color or contrasts it completely, it’s up to you! Arrange your cute little plant friends on the shelves; you’ll be surprised how much life they breathe into your room! 

Floating Shelves with plants on display
Aksel Premium Paint White Floating Shelf

6. Display Your Movie Collection or Game Collection with Style

Sure, you could store your precious DVD collection on boring old bookshelves or in stuffy entertainment centers. But you’re an unapologetic movie buff! So why not show it off? Floating shelves are the perfect choice for storing your collection in style. Looking for a less "cluttered", minimal look? Remove your DVD artwork from the cases to create a homogenized look - but don’t forget to label everything so you can find what you’re looking for!

Or if you enjoy console gaming, display your favorite games on a floating shelf. Or if you really wanna get creative, print out some of your screenshot-worthy moments and high scores and display them on a floating picture rail! 

Mahogany floating shelf with game console on display
Glenn Floating Fireplace Mantel in Mahogany

7. Miniature Library with Floating Bookcases

The living room should be a place to sit, relax, and recuperate from a stressful day. There's nothing like curling up with a good book after a long day! No matter the size of your collection, Floating shelves are a great way to create a modern or rustic library that you'll be proud to show off. Pro book-nook tip: Books and plants are an excellent choice for styling floating shelves. Position your shelves behind your couch and arrange the books you would like to read this year alongside your favorite plant babies!

Modern library featuring solid walnut floating bookcases
Miniature Library featuring Aksel Espresso Floating Shelves

8. Floating Mantle

A timeless classic, the floating fireplace mantle instantly becomes the focal point of any room. Mount a floating mantle above any fireplace to create a rustic place for organizing photos and knick-nacks. There are a million interesting ways to decorate a floating mantel. If your room is monotone, try to add a splash of color that ties in with your couch cushions or a throw blanket! Or mount a television above an inlaid fireplace for a functional, rustic-meets-modern space.

Glenn Floating Mantel on display in a cozy modern living room
Cozy Livingroom featuring Glenn Floating Fireplace Mantel in Walnut

Nursery or Kid's Room Floating Shelf Ideas

Kid's rooms can be really fun spaces to decorate. After all... you don't have to live in there... you kid does! So throw caution to the wind! Get bold and beautiful with colors for these spaces that you might hesitate to use elsewhere! Let your creativity run wild with these fun ideas.

Awesome kid's room featuring Bender floating shelves and Yuri floating desk
The Kid's Room of my dreams featuring Yuri Floating Desk, Double-Bender Floating Shelf, Mosey Magnetic Board, and Peggy Wall Hook

9. Kid's Book Nook

Older kids love reading, especially if they have a space that's cozy and warm - just for them. Arrange floating shelves on a vibrant, wallpapered wall at kid-level; adorn them with stuffed animals or building blocks. A bean bag chair and fuzzy throw blanket can help bring the space together with its intended purpose. Have fun, and get your kid involved!

Kid's room book nook featuring Aksel floating shelf
Cool Kid's Book Nook featuring Aksel Floating Shelf in White Oak

10. Floating Shelf Diaper Change Station

There's no way around it: no one likes the changing station! However, you and your munchkin might actually enjoy heading to this spot in the house once you’ve given it a makeover - well... "enjoy" might be a stretch. But hey... the least you can do is make the space a bit more functional and... dare I say... interesting! Position floating shelves at arm’s reach above the changing table. Don the shelves with supplies you use every day and place them in a chic woven basket. Add some trinkets: toy trains, blocks that spell your child’s name, or a motivational wood sign!

Floating Shelves for the Bedroom

While it's true that the majority of your time in this room is spent sleeping, your bedroom is loaded with untapped potential! Make your bedroom your private oasis. Like a cozy hotel room that's all your own! If you have a closet large enough for wall shelving, hang some floating shelves above your closet rods. Feeling extra confident? You could even take the doors off your closet to display your handy work! Or if you're like my wife and your pride and joy are shoes, create a wall shrine to your shoe collection using floating shelves. 

bedroom floating shelves
Aksel RADius Premium Paint White Bedroom

Floating Shelves for the Bathroom

If you ask me, every bathroom should be a luxurious, enjoyable place to relax in the tub with a glass of wine. Create space by getting rid of those cabinets and replacing them with minimal open shelves! If you have a soaker tub (LUCKY!), give yourself room to set your glass with some shelving over the foot of the tub. Find a good tutorial on YouTube for folding towels hotel-style and create a spa-like space that you will want to spend time in.

modern floating shelves in bathroom
Gorgeous + Modern Bathroom featuring Edo Print Hanging System, & Aksel RADius Floating Shelf in Espresso

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We get it... all of the floating shelf inspo posts are great and all. But when it's all said and done, you gotta do you. Don't be afraid to strike out and try something new! If you like it, we love it. And if you can conceive it, we can make it happen (probably)!  Still, need help deciding? Check out our line of floating shelves and wall shelves, or call a Shelfologist today for help creating the floating shelf system of your dreams!

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