The woman who has it all gets her California dreamhouse, courtesy of the HGTV team and their designer duels. Fun, fashion, and style combine, and Shelfology’s vibrant storage solutions feature to give everyone’s favorite plasticine blonde bombshell a place to call home. 

Come on Barbie, Let’s go Party!
Come on Barbie, Let’s go Party!(15 minute read)

We’re so excited to showcase the Shelfology brand on HGTV’s Barbie’s Dreamhouse Challenge, along with some of our favorite looks from this pinkalicious project. 

Front Yard

HGTV Barbie's Dreamhouse: Front Exterior

Bright and fresh, this inviting exterior incorporates pops of signature pink and teal. It’s like “Saved by the Bell” and the Fresh Prince created the coolest house on the block together. We’re ready to go inside and see what this space holds! 

1990’s Entryway/ Living Room

HGTV Barbie's Dreamhouse: Entryway / Living Room

Geometrics feature heavily here as pattern and bold colors create a playful entry to this dreamy space. Simple silhouettes in the furniture choices keep the space clean and fresh while the colors steal the show. Have you ever considered using an Aksel floating shelf as an entryway console? We dig it. 

1990’s Dining Room

HGTV Barbie's Dreamhouse: 1990’s Dining Room

Continuing the bold colors into the dining room, the designers flecked the walls with splashes of paint and added built-in seating, making the eat-in space into a cozy nook. Crystal chairs and bold furniture stand out for us. It’s the art and patterns screaming “Trapper Keeper” and “Let’s go to the mall!” that are really throwing us back to yesteryear. 

Our go-to seating in this room: the unexpected bold orange bench in the bay window. 

1960’s Kitchen

HGTV Barbie's Dreamhouse: 1960’s Kitchen

Sherbet pastels and bright pops of orange and pink tying in the dining space combine in this throwback to kitchen modernism of the 60’s. Our little Lloyd hangs from the ceiling in aqua blue, incorporating open shelves for easy access from the room next door. We’re partial to the soft, buttery tones of the fridge, oven, and range which conjure up warm fuzzy memories of casseroles and grandma’s cooking. Best design surprise in this kitchen? The futuristic pop-ups saving space on the island and nodding to the innovation and ingenuity of the times. 

1960’s Family Room

HGTV Barbie's Dreamhouse: 1960’s Family Room

Polka dot? Don’t mind if we do. This cozy room beach blanket bingoes with a fresh take on modern that’s equally trendy today. The couch, covered in plaid pastels, has us thinking of snuggling up with our very own Kens. And let’s not forget one of Barbie’s core achievements on display: astronaut. 

Barbie’s Bedroom 

Barbie’s Bedroom

As Julia Roberts once said, “My colors are ‘Blush’ and ‘Bashful’.” And Barbie’s bedroom goes full blush and bashful in pastels with pink vs. pink in light complementary tones. For us, it’s the bed draped with hanging panels that's giving those ‘Yasss, queen’ vibes that steals the show here.

1970’s Ken’s Den

HGTV Barbie's Dreamhouse: 1970’s Ken’s Den

Not everyone has as many wigs as Ken (Did you know he had a penchant for hair-pieces?). But if you do the same, consider Aksel inlaid with metal for a pop of color and core magnetism to hold your precious hairs in place. One question remains: what will static electricity do with Ken’s hair as he relaxes on the blue velvet couch? 

Barbie’s Office

HGTV Barbie's Dreamhouse: Barbie’s Office

Change is inevitable, and in this case, inescapably chic, as patterned wallpapers take us back to the original 1950’s toy designs and drawings.  Displays around the room show off Barbie through the years, and the lounge chair provides a place to rest and think. Anyone else see that tufted round pillow and think, “Yes! Tres jolie!”? Very, very Paris. A fashion icon with a fishtank in her office? Mais oui. 

Barbie’s Closet

HGTV Barbie's Dreamhouse: Barbie’s Closet

Cher Horowitz may have the best automated closet in Beverly Hills, but we all know where she got the idea! Whether it’s walking a red carpet or heading off with the local fire department, this closet was built with all the space and storage for a very busy leading lady. For an understated decor fashion statement, check out the Barbie-toile pillows. Googling that pattern now…

2000’s Back Yard

HGTV Barbie's Dreamhouse: 2000’s Back Yard

To us, the most legitimately “dream-housey” of the dream house spaces. This homage really does justice to the iconic plastic dollhouse featuring the must-have slide and pool in purple and pink, a plethora of beach accessories, and enough palm trees to make any California girl happy. Anyone else considering a topiary signature letter to round out their garden? 

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Disclaimer: Shelfology products were sourced for this project by HGTV producers. This blog does not imply any relationship beyond that with the HGTV Network, individual designers on the project, or the Mattel companies.

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