Attention--World! We just spent one of the lamest years in history with some of the coolest, go-getterest designers and diy'rs ever! Thank goodness for A-teamers like you. This group of amazing people have blown us away with their creativity and top-choice-rock-star-funk-adelic #radshelfie executions. So much so, that awards needed to be given. You may have heard of--AHEM--the "Shelfies"? Well, now you have. Look for highlights all this month as we send out major props in honor of the bestest and raddest and most Shelfological designers we know!

Now let’s announce the winners. The Shelfie Award goes to… (Drumroll, Maestro...)

If you've got Shelfological game, keep an eye on our Instagram @shelfology and tag us with your latest install! At the end of the month we will be sending swagtastic prizes to the best customer #radshelfies! We geek on great design from everywhere and would love to geek out on yours! tag @shelfology and #radshelfie in your next post to show off your mad skills.

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