Good day, shelf nerds and home decór enthusiasts! Today, we bring you a fun, quirky set of ideas designed to help you take your living room shelves to the next level. Here at Shelfology, we love modern trends, but sometimes you just want to do something a little bit out-of-the-box. In this post, we bring to you five clever ideas for your living room shelves. Hopefully, these will get your creative juices flowing so you can design something new and exciting.

5 Clever Ideas for Living Room Shelves?
5 Clever Ideas for Living Room Shelves? (15 min. read)


Clever Things You Can Do With Living Room Shelves

1. Wall-to-Wall, Over the Door

wall to wall floating bookshelves
Wall-to-wall floating bookshelves


Most people pop up a few shelves, fill them with their stuff, and call it a day. But the fun need not stop there. You could go crazy, filling a whole wall with shelving if you wanted to. Pick a larger wall with a nice door to break it up, and go up and over the top of the door frame with your shelving (I know… crazy talk right!?). This could make the perfect spot for your book collection that’s sitting in the attic!

2. Use Wood Fuel as Art

modern living room fireplace with wood storage
Modern fireplace + firewood storage


Do you have a wood stove or fireplace? If so, you have the perfect opportunity for a statement piece and you didn’t even realize it. Placed properly, a floating shelf could make for an interesting way to frame and accentuate your existing firewood rack. Or, with a little creativity, you could even create your own industrial, on-the-wall floating firewood rack. We’re biting our lips just thinking about it. Wood for your fire would look stellar there—and it would only be an arm’s reach away when it’s time to put another log on.

3. Add Visual Interest with a Small Feature Wall

feature wall with floating shelves
Feature wall 


Okay, now hear us out. If you have a short wall with a window or two, this is the perfect opportunity for a small feature wall. Arrange shelves around the window in a visually pleasing way. Go nuts! Then, you can store any number of things on those shelves, even using some of those storage cubes to add a pop of color to your space. Go wild!

4. Use Shelves in Seating

modern reading nook or entryway with storage
Modern entry nook with storage.


Do you have a nice bay window that overlooks your yard? Or perhaps you have a little reading nook tucked away in the corner. Well, we have the perfect idea for you. Swap out that bench for one that can house cubes or stack up books. If you have a built-in bench, you might be able to modify it to include shelves or bookshelves underneath.

5. Frame Out Stairs With Geometric Shelving

Stairs Stack
Stairs? or Shelves? You be the judge.


Another great location for shelving is next to an open staircase. If you have a staircase that spills out into the middle of your living room, knock down the railings and add a floor-to-ceiling shelf. You could even do a vertical brick-lay pattern with rectangular openings. For maximum effect, make sure the shelf is hollow, allowing people to see through the beautiful decorations you put on it.

Or, Brainstorm Your Own Living Room Shelves Idea!

Nothing here suits your fancy? That’s cool too!

Come up with your own, dynamite shelf-expert ideas! Hopefully, these got your decór motor running. Now, get out there and style some shelves, dude!


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