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GRK R4 Multi-Purpose Screws

As Configured
Weight: 2.00 LBS

Made in the USA

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A Very Rad Screw.

Shoddy screw issues be gone. GRK Fasteners' R4 Multi-Purpose Framing and Decking screw allows you to install Shelfology hardware with ease and confidence. Typical applications include multi-purpose general framing, remodeling, decking topboards, super rad shelf hardware, and structural framing applications. The W-Cut reduces installation torque which allows for fast driving and ease of install. The star drive eliminates stripping for improved productivity. The CEE Thread enlarges hole to reduce splitting, thus eliminating rework. Our Climatek coated screws provide corrosion resistance in pressure treated wood with corrosive ground contact.

  • 240 Screws included per box
  • 1 Star Drive bit included per box
  • W-Cut low installation torque allows for fast driving and ease of installation
  • Star Drive eliminates stripping for improved productivity
  • CEE thread enlarges hole to reduce splitting, thus eliminating rework
  • Zip-Tip eliminates pre-drilling and one step installation
  • Cutting teeth cuts wood fiber and provides flush seating
  • ESR-3201 approved for structural applications
  • Ground contact lumber approved for worry free use in pressure treated lumber
  • Guaranteed to add 61 ounces of pure radness to any project