Yuri HD Desk Bracket - Round Rod

Up To 24" Deep & Any Length

Rod Holes
As Configured
Weight: 3.60 LBS
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Explore new desk depths and go where no desk has gone before. Insane strong rods means Yuri will deliver rad floating desk results, every time. Solid steel construction and clamped down to each stud, this bracket means business.

Get the Deets

  • Float a desk, a countertop, a bench or your all your pantry shelves
  • Engineered to support solid or hollow slabs, beams, and apron-construction surfaces
  • Mounts to the side of an exposed stud
  • Made with sweat, tears and industrial awesomeness
  • 100% American steel, Matte black painted
  • Ships as a fully assembled bracket; just add surface

What’s in the Box

Yuri HD Round Rod Bracket

What You’ll Need

Desk Slab
1/4" lagbolts
Surface set screws



Yuri HD Spec Sheet



Brackets sold individually. Select the quantity of brackets based on the desired load and the number of studs your project will span.

  • Supports desks from 9" to 24" deep
  • Fits materials 1½" to 4" thick
  • 1" Diameter Round Rod
  • Support up to 90 lbs. per bracket*


*NOTE: All brackets must be installed into studs, or posts. Failure to do so may result in saggy surfaces, falling objects or even injury.

Strong, easy to use and will support just about anything.

Float on. We call them “Floating Desk Brackets,” but this DIY hardware supports a multitude of floating desk, shelf and mantle styles, in a variety of sizes, without visible support. Use this steel bracket anywhere heavy-duty, gravity-defying construction is required.

Shelfology floating desk hardware is engineered to support solid or hollow slabs, beams, and apron-construction surfaces 1½" to 4" thick, and from 9" to 24" deep. Designed for professionals as well as DIY’ers, these brackets are simple to install on wood and steel framed walls.



  • 1" diameter round tube steel (.120 wall)
  • Mounts to side of stud
  • Mounting plate is ¼" thick x 12" long x 3" wide, hot-rolled steel
  • Screw holes are ¼" OD, ideal for high strength ¼" lag bolts
  • Recommended spacing is 32" OC for shallower, lighter duty installations, 16" OC or shorter for deeper, heavier duty installations



NOTE: Installing this hardware requires some innate awesomeness (you have that already) and woodworking experience, or a buddy with woodworking experience.


  1. Tape measure,

  2. Drill/driver

  3. Level

  4. Quick clamps


Choose Wood For A Floating Desk
Our heavy duty brackets let you make a floating surface from just about any solid or hollow slabs, beams, box and aproned construction you choose. Hardwoods are durable and hold a nice finish, while softer woods can provide an aged, textured finish. No matter what you choose, your finished lumber needs to be at least 1½ inches to 4 inches thick, and from 7 inches to 24 inches deep. Remember that the deeper your surface, the less weight it will hold at the outer edge (think physics, teeter-totters and levers). 

Installation Method
All brackets must mount to the side of stud, or posts.

  1. Attach Bracket To Studs Or Posts
  2. Add Wall finish around your brackets leaving the posts visible1. Prepare Your Lumber To Fit Floating Desk Supports
  3. Test The Bracket And Surface Fit
  4. Mount Your Surface
  5. Secure in Place


We build special order brackets. Send us your unique requests.

Desk hardware is made in the USA from 100% American Steel, love, sweat, tears, and industrial awesomeness.


Lead time 1-2 business days

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