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Don’t be fooled by the slender looks, Aksel is no slouch. This insanely strong rod floating shelf bracket is ready to rumble out of the box, just add wood. Made from solid steel and pure Americanity.

Get the Deets

  • Supports floating shelves from 1 3/4" to 2 1/4" thick and 7" to 14" deep
  • Supports up to 45 lbs. per solid rod when correctly mounted
  • Made to be invisible while floating your rad shelving
  • Easy to mount and level to any wall surface
  • 100% American matte black painted solid steel
  • Made with sweat, tears and industrial awesomeness
  • Ships as a fully assembled floating shelf bracket; just add wood

What’s in the Box

Aksel HD Single Rod Floating Shelf Bracket

What You’ll Need

Drywall Anchors
Wall Fasteners
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Silicone (optional)


Hang your shelving without external brackets or hardware.

  • Heavy duty hidden bracket. Add as many as your project needs to increase your shelves capacity
  • Engineered to support slabs from 2" thick to 2 1/2" thick and from 5" up to 14" deep
  • This bracket will support maximum distributed load up to 45lbs., when installed into studs or solid substrate.
  • Order as many brackets as needed to support your shelf length and capacity. These brackets are simple to install on masonry, sheetrock, plaster, and paneled walls.

Heavy Duty Floating Shelf or Mantel Bracket (bracket only): Fits 5-14 inch Floating Shelves and Mantels. Our brackets are constructed of ¼" thick steel, have 90° junctions to fit precisely into mortises or dados, and patent pending set-through construction with 360° welds. These brackets support a multitude of floating surface styles and sizes without visible support.

These shelf brackets have been designed to support solid lumber or hollow plywood floating shelves up to 12" Deep and 2 to 2 1/2 inches thick. They are constructed of 1/4" thick 100% American steel.

4 1/2 inch rod - Supports shelves from 5-7 inches deep
6 inch rod - Supports shelves from 7-14 inches deep

For installation videos see our youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYfxXYGVcSuOL3PgqGBG5XA/videos?view_as=subscriber

For all help questions please call (949) 244-1083, M-F 8-5pm MST

You can use paddle/spade bits, augers or forschner bits to drill the rod holes. We recommend auger bits, but they can be pricey. Hardware stores sell inexpensive (about $6) extension shafts that you can use with paddle/spade bits to reach the required 6-1/2" depth. Normal paddle/spade bits only allow about a 4.5" depth hole.

Each single rod bracket must be mounted into a stud. They are designed to be used by themselves or to in conjunction with our multiple rod brackets.

We recommend that you mount these brackets with a 2" long #10 wood screw (not included)

Set screw holes are drilled in the base of the rods to screw the shelf onto the bracket. You can also glue shelves onto the bracket with silicone. Both are equally effective.

Installation Directions are included. Hardware and tools not included.

of these brackets varies, by the depth of the shelf you are hanging and the length of the bracket. As a general rule, these are capable of holding 45 lbs. per the bracket, assuming the bracket is mounted into wood studs.

We do custom versions of these all the time. Feel free to contact us with your requests. 949-244-1083

We are available 8-5pm MST, Monday Through Friday. Feel free to call us with about anything. 949-244-1083

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