Aksel HD 5 Rod Bracket

For 72"-96" Floating Shelf

Optional Rod Holes
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Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Hardware

Easy to Use. Steel Construction.

Our floating shelf hardware has been engineered to support shelves from 2" thick to 2 1/4" thick and from 7" up to 14" deep (for mantels, desks, or thicker shelves, we make brackets for these too). Designed for professionals and DIY’ers in mind, these brackets are simple to install on masonry, sheetrock, plaster, and paneled walls.

Our shelf hardware is constructed of 1/4" thick steel, have 90° junctions to fit precisely into mortises or dados, and patent pending set-through construction with 360° welds. When mounted correctly, these brackets will support maximum distributed loads from 90 lbs. to 225 lbs., depending on the length of the bracket. 


Fits Hollow & Solid Floating Shelf

- Supports shelves from 7" to 14" deep
- Fits shelves 2" thick or more
- Support up to 45 lbs. per rod*


Bracket Specifications

- 1/4" thick steel back bar
- 360° welds
- Screw holes are set 1" OC from each end and continue 4" OC down the length of the bracket
- Countersunk screw holes are 3/16" OD
- Rods are set 2" OC from each end
- Back bar is 1/4" thick steel



NOTE: Installing this hardware requires some innate awesomeness (you have that already) and woodworking experience, or a buddy with woodworking experience.

Choose Wood For A Floating Shelf
Our heavy duty brackets let you make a floating shelf from just about any lumber you choose. Hardwoods are durable and hold a nice finish, while softer woods can provide an aged, textured finish. No matter what you choose, your finished lumber needs to be at least 2 inches thick, and at least 7 inches deep. Remember that the deeper your shelf, the less weight it will hold at the outer edge (think physics, teeter-totters and levers). 

Choose The Right Shelf Support
Select either a single length, or series of smaller brackets just shorter than your desired shelf length (ideally somewhere between 1"-6" shorter). If you need to support a lot of weight, choosing more and shorter brackets will increase load capacity (see Weight Capacity above).

Choose Your Installation Method
Determine whether you’ll mount your shelf directly over a finished surface (ex: over drywall), or recessed into the wall and mounted directly to studs and blocking (always recommended for strength and to prevent saggy shelves).

1. First remove the set screws from your shelf and pull your hardware from the back of your shelf.

2. Position the hardware on the wall with the pre-drilled holes along the top edge. Mark the left-most hole on the stud, remove the hardware and drill a pilot hole. Reposition the hardware, drive a screw into the freshly drilled hole (nicely done, by the way), then use a level to position the right side of the hardware. Once it’s in position, mark the remaining holes on each stud, and drill a pilot hole for each. Raise the right side of your hardware into position, and drive the remaining screws into place.

3. Almost there... Slide your shelf over the bracket.

4. Replace set screws to secure your shelf.

*NOTE: All brackets must be installed into studs or wall blocking. Failure to do so may result in saggy shelves, falling objects or even injury.

 PRO TIP: If you need extra heavy duty floating shelves with even more weight capacity, use several shorter brackets in place of a single, longer bracket.


How to install a floating shelf over drywall:


Need a Custom Shelf Bracket?

We build special order floating shelf brackets. Send us your unique requests. 949.244.1083

Shelf hardware is made in the USA from 100% American Steel, love, sweat, tears, and industrial awesomeness.


Ships in 1-2 days
For 72"-96" Floating Shelf
Shelf Length:
72 - 96 inches
Shelf Thickness:
2 inches
Shelf Depth:
5 - 12 inches

22 Reviews

cabinetmanx Jun 18th 2018

super sturdy!

I was asked by my customer to design a "floating shelf" that would be quite large; 82" long x 12" deep by 3" thick. I made it from 3/4" birch ply so it had a lot of weight to it. It was also going to support stemware over a bar and mugs on top. Needless to say the hardware needed had to confidently support that. This bit of hardware did the job perfectly and I would recommend it 100%. I excised the drywall from the wall exposing the 2 x 4s so my screws were properly anchored. The holes drilled into the hardware were perfectly spaced so I could grab all four of the studs and could just about hang my 200 body on that metal. All in all it was a very successful project primarily due to this piece of hidden hardware.

John Mac Jun 18th 2018

Floating Shelf is Awesome

Exactly what we wanted! Love the look (or lack thereof) of the floating shelves. Very sturdy brackets and it looks fantastic. Reclaimed 3 monster planks from 250 year old house and extremely happy with the results. Thanks for the advice early on as well during my prep stages - truly helpful in making this a successful install.

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