“To all you freethinkers,  designers at heart (or by training), builders, doers and aficionados of awesomess; we are Shelfology. A company dedicated to providing  hardware, shelving, and killer storage, the world over.

I’m Kevin, the founder and head tinkerer behind Shelfology. I worked for years as an interior designer and builder which gave me an insider's look at just how difficult working with manufacturers and suppliers can be. The long lead times, inconsistent (or nonexistent) customer service and the mediocre design quickly soured my experience. In 2012 at the back of my garage, we decided to create something better.

Enter Shelfology.

We offer customizable, uber-high-quality shelving and storage products as fast as possible. All of our products are made to perform, and we don’t cheap out to save a few pennies. Every material we use is domestically sourced at the highest quality, and produced in like manner – in-house – by our talented cadre of shelfologists. You can always count on trend forward design, customizable product lines, and an available, engaged team.

We realized early on that shelving and storage are not critical elements to a happy life. Nevertheless, they help to frame a beautiful context around your life and certainly bring elements of usefulness into it, as well. Figuring them out should never waste your time. We have designed our entire business around this idea. Getting rad shelving designed, ordered, and installed seamlessly is our daily goal. Let us help you get on with it so you can get on with what really matters.

Feel free to reach out, we love to support great design.”